Sea of Z

Ink on cardboard, piece I started almost a year ago and just came back to it every so often
It's based on a dream I had about waking up in a small boat on a Sea of Zombies - I've embellished it a little and created a short story about 9 fishermen trapped on a vessel.


The Gunpowder Plot

The Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was a plan to kill King James I of England and VI of Scotland. Other names for the plot are The Powder Treason or The Gunpowder Conspiracy. A group of Catholics wanted to blow up the Houses of Parliament during the State Opening on 5 November 1605. This would have killed the king, and most of the Protestant aristocracy.

The Blade...

Revisited an old sketch I had done a few years ago. The original sketch was a portrait, putting more attention on the large vertical window, but when I revisited it I changed the composition and shifted focus from the large window in the main characters and general vibe of the surrounding scene.